Friday, December 17, 2004

Who's to Blame? Not U.S.!

So Rush and his ilk, responding to the International Red Cross's work investigating what happened at Abu Ghraib have decided that -- who was to blame?

The International Committee for the Red Cross, of course.

Why is the ICRC to blame for what happened at Abu Ghraib?

Because they pointed out that Americans were torturing people, and this (pointing it out, not the actual torture) was a bad thing.

Obviously exposing the torture must mean they (a) hate America and are (b) therefore a leftist organization.

I mean, if you are engaged in Winger-think, that is.

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zelda1 said...

Rush, after all, isn't very reliable when it comes to truth. He obtained prescription drugs illegally and has abused those drugs for years. Now, my feelings about a man or a woman, who are addicts regardless of what the drugs are they are addicted to, is that they are not very reliable; hence, when they make statments about who is to blame for those awful acts committed at Abu Ghraib are not to be taken seriously. Unfortuantely, people still put stock in what he says and that is really sad. The Red Cross does good, reports bad things, keeps pow connected to their families, feeds hungry ect ect.... anyway for Rush to say they are to blame just shows he is still abusing drugs. They were not there doing the torture, they just reported it, put it out for the world to see that Bush lets really bad things happen to those people who are behind bars. It is unfortuante that in our country, some people don't see that what they did is wrong and Rush is one of those people but again, drug addict mentality. Not reasonable.