Thursday, December 02, 2004

News from Louisiana

Whenever I wonder why I left Louisiana, something like this shows up in the news to remind me.

Two kids standing in line for recess. One kid asks another kid why he’s got two mothers instead of a mom and dad. The kid explains it’s because his mothers are gay.

“What’s gay?” asks the first kid. (The two kids are seven years old.)

“Gay is when a girl likes another girl,” says the child of these two women.

Down swoops the teacher, screeching at the child of the two women – the son of the gay women – that gay is a bad word, that he shouldn’t use that kind of language in school – and send him to the office. He gets sent to a early morning “behavioral clinic” all the next week – starts at 6.45 in the morning – where he is forced to write “I will never say gay in school again” over and over.

And now? Because the mother of this child has objected to her seven year old son being told that what she is is bad and evil?

The teacher who did this to her son is suing the mother. For fifty thousand dollars. Because the mother defamed her.

Louisiana. What a fine state. Every ignorant redneck should move there.

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zelda1 said...

Now that reminds me of Texas. I lived there for a time and when I enrolled my children for school, the receptionists looked over the little information card that gave my address and phone number and their father's address and phone number and she got a real concerned look on her face and said something like you have different addresses. I think I may have looked a little shocked since it was in the late eighties and not the sixties and I said well yess we are divorced. She became totally weird at that point. I, being a little outspoken, said to her is this going to be a problem. ARe my children going to be in a school where they are the only ones from a single parent home. ARe they going to be treated differently. She studdered around and said well no. As it turned out, she was wrong. My children there and later here in this fine state of Ark. were always treated just a little different because they, after all, were from a broken home and therefore anything that was going wrong in their life from not getting their homework done to laughing at their neighbors joke was because they were not exactly whole people. I should sue the school systems.

Daddy said...

You seem to have a lot of hatred inside for "rednecks". If you wish for Homosexuals to be understood and accepted maybe you should give those people who disagree with you the benefit of a little understanding as to why they disagree with you and not just label them as "rednecks".

Anonymous said...

See, Mr. Paw, that's a typical move. Someone hates gays. I object to them hating gays, and call that ignorant behavior, and you accuse me of being hateful.

Sorry. They're the ones doing the hating. They're the ones who are ignorant. This teacher, who told this seven year old child that his mother was a bad word and an evil thing, was ignorant and hateful. I'm only pointing that out.

I'm not sure what you might think would justify her behavior. I can't think I would accept as justification, given that she is a public school teacher, working for the state.