Friday, December 10, 2004

Right-Wing Lies

I’m sure you probably know something about the Stevens Creek Elementary School lawsuit and the Winger hysteria, but eRiposte has an excellent page on it if you’re looking for complete data and details.

You’ll remember this is the story our hysterical buddy Drudge and his friends Rush and the rest broke right before Thanksgiving, claiming those terrorists in the school system had gone too far now, how “they” were banning the Declaration of Independence in Our Schools because it had the word God in it, yap yap yap yap.

When, of course, what actually was happening was a Far Right Christian teacher was attempting to proselytize in the classroom, a parent complained, and the principal asked the teacher to submit his materials for review.

When the principal saw what the teacher had been asking his grammar school students to do, she pulled some of the assignments – the ones that were clearly Christian propaganda. At which point a Far Christian Right organization, the ADF, sued the school system.

eRiposte has details, including copies of the assignments that were pulled:


Let me pose a question: Can you imagine the fuss Fundamenalist Christian parents would raise if a teacher of any sort were giving their kids "assignments" of this nature about the Jewish religion, the Muslim religion, the Wiccan religion, the Deist religion? Would they be thinking it would be okay to have God in school then? Because, you know, it was a part of history and all?

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