Monday, December 13, 2004

More Right Wing Lies

Here's another bit of Winger hysteria: it's an oldie but goodie. Goes like this: those Leftists on the ACLU, those radicals and atheists, they want to DESTROY Christmas, they can't take the peace and love of the Christmas season because they're such evil people, yap yap yap, so they can't let our sweet school children sing a few Christman carols in peace, mmm mmm mmm.

Bill O'Reilly and no doubt Rush too (I haven't been up to listening to Rush lately, as loony as he's gotten) has been going on about this lately -- how the school systems are UNDER SEIGE and OUR KIDS CAN'T EVEN SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS (sorry, but Bill does tend to shout) and how those stores in New York are saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas, like all Good Americans would, and how that Mayor of New York won't call it a Christmas tree amd other bits of whiny hysteria which are meant to show you how the Jews and the Muslims are just ruining this great country for us all.

Media Matters ( has a good page on what has actually been going on in all these cases. In case you're interested. And -- big shock here -- Bill's got just about every single fact wrong.

So my question is -- why do Wingers believe this nonsense?

Well, I know the answer. It reinforces their worldview. They like to believe that the evil Jews and Muslims and atheists are out to get them and destroy their country. Without the evil Other (yep, that would be me, sitting here at my keyboard) that's out to get them, what do they have?

Certainly not peace and love and feeding the hungry and taking care of the poor and visiting prisoners and loving their enemies. God, no. No room for that in their nifty little religion.

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