Thursday, December 16, 2004

Okay, See...

Right, then.

No sooner do I post that below then I get an email from my intrepid reporter in the field (you know who you are), the one who keeps me updated on the activities of the local fundies -- and she's got another fine story: a traumatized young girl who came to her in tears because her brother the fundie preacher has told her that her dog (oh yes, her dog) is going to go to hell when he dies.

Dogs go to hell, says this guy.

Because they don't have souls, that's why.

So of course they can't be saved by OUR LORD. Amen brother.

So of course it's straight into the burning lake of fire for all eternity.

Can I get a save me Jesus!

Yes, that dawg is gonna burn!

And unless you wanna burn with him, sistah --!

He tells this to his kid sister.


He also tells her, by the way, that it's in the Bible that black people and white people can't get married. Bet I know what verse he cited for that one.

Do you see what I'm talking about here?

I mean, I'm trying to love the fundies here in Arkansas. I swear I am...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

as a reply to "unless u wanna burn with him sistah~"
If my doggies going to hell than so am i. cause i loves my doggie >.>
Fundies are insane and it's nice to see a normal human being living in Arkansas ^^
Animals have souls. They do. I don't care what those dumb fundamentalists think. They can go to hell! Animals have souls. It's the people that I'm worried about.
Drop me a line ^^