Tuesday, December 14, 2004

He's not a racist

He’s not a racist – he just dresses like one!

So down there in Louisiana, where I spent most of my childhood and adolescence, land where it’s too hot to care, and folks are proud to elect former Nazis to public positions, we have a judge, Timothy Ellender, who showed up for a Halloween party in “blackface makeup to complement his orange prison jumpsuit, handcuffs and afro wig.”

This was all fun and games, mind you – a little joke! Because his wife was dressed as a police officer! Get it now? It’s just meant to be funny! What’s wrong with you people?

And, as the dissenting judge in the guy’s case, Judge Jeffery Victory, said, it’s not like this guy’s an actual racist or anything – c’mon!

"A review of Judge Ellender's record on the bench turned up absolutely no evidence of racial bias in his decisions; in fact, the review showed that, if anything, he was more lenient toward African-American defendants," Victory wrote. "Nothing suggests that Judge Ellender abused his office in order to further his personal desires. Finally, Judge Ellender apologized for his actions both publicly and in private meetings with local leaders of the black community."

I absolutely promise you that half – oh, come on, three-quarters – of Louisiana agrees with Judge Victory.

They, too, see nothing wrong with a sitting judge who thinks its funny to dress up as a prisoner in an afro and blackface for a Halloween party. And they too don’t think it’s racist to either find that funny or to see nothing wrong with Ellender’s behavior.

It’s just those black folk being touchy again. Can’t they take a joke?


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zelda1 said...

How dare those touch people get offended over a joke. Now that reminds me of my Sunday School Class that I belonged to at one time, until our world views collided. It's like this, our halloween party was them oriented and our great leaders (those submissive wives) all decided to make it a trailer trash party and wanted us to all go to dollar general or walmart and buy our clothes. Can you imagine! Buying clothes at Walmart. And dress up in them and go to our party as wait poor people. Wow! How cool they thought that would be! How sad for them, I thought. I shop at walmart and I have even bought things at the dollar general. I didn't like their idea and for them to be of the idea that poor people are characters to dress up like is as bad as dressing up like a black man in a prison uniform. Isn't it funny how people who follow the teachings of a man who owned no pillow for his head could make fun of poor people.