Monday, December 27, 2004

On Target

From over at DED Space, here's another reason why you should give your money to Target and not Wal-Mart --

I mean besides the fact that Target has cooler stuff and gives (some) of its money to the Democrats. (It gives some to the Rethugs, too. But Wal-Mart gives all theirs to the Rethugs, no shock there.)

The whole post is worth reading, so go read it, but here's the excerpt that got me:

This holiday season, Target has come under fire for strictly enforcing its "no solicitation" rule at its stores: The Salvation Army has been banned. That is fine with me, since I refuse to let gay-hating bigots handle my money. But it has incensed some of the Christian crowd. Target, to its credit, has stuck with its policy.

Naturally, stepping in to take advantage of the Christian Right's pique, is Wal-Mart, which has promised to provide matching funds to the Salvation Army. Better they should provide a safe working environment, stop union-busting, pay women equal wages, quit bullying their vendors, and honor their disability policies, but who cares about those things when you can work yourself up into a righteous Baby Jesus-inspired lather?

Meanwhile, Target has quietly provided the salaries for two Minneapolis Police Department cold case detectives for 2005. The cold case file is always the first to go when funds get tight, and Minneapolis is no exception. I'm not keen on a corporation doing what the government should be doing, but at least the detectives will be there next year, and since corporations escape paying a lot of taxes, I suppose it all works out.

(My emphasis added, since I emphatically agree.)

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