Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I'm not sure why this amuses me so much, but last night, while doing some last minute shopping at the Wal-Mart for guinea pig fodder, what did I see in the Christmas aisle but --

A Gingerbread Nativity Scene?

It was a Build-Your-Own Gingerbread Creche, complete with Mary, Joseph, a shepherd, two wooly sheep, and a cute as a bug baby Jesus plus a manger to put him in, also a stable. You and the kiddies build the stable, see, and then you decorate the whole thing, and place it under the tree and --

Well, eat it, I guess.

"I wanna eat Baby Jesus, Mommy!"

"No, I do!"

"All right, all right! We share in this house! Billy, you get Baby Jesus's feet, and Sally, you can eat His belly, and Cindy eats his head."

See, it's better than letting the kiddies build gingerbread houses at Christmas-time, right? Because you know what those represent, don't you?


zelda1 said...

Being a fan of the gingerbread house and being one who in her lifetime has made many a house for my children as well as my friend's children, I can not imagine changing from house to nativity scene. As far as eating baby jesus, isn't that the idea of communion? bread his body, wine his blood, so why not start the cannibilism out early so when the tots are old enough to enjoy the symbolic eating of the body, they can already be over the yuck grossed out thing. But, the fighting over the baby jesus could be quite funny and it puts me in mind of Tracy Ulman.

delagar said...

Y'know, Zelda, that's kinda what I was thinking, standing there in the Wal-Mart: That's a whole new kind of "Take, Eat, This is my body," sort of thing, isn't it? I was thinking.

I just laughed and laughed. People were giving me all kinds of looks.