Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Okay Then

Not that Rush's faith-based listeners will care, but South Knox Bubba, one of my favorite Bloggers, points out why Rush is Wrong, as usual:

This time Rush is making his old favorite claim about how Nature is the real source of pollution.

You remember this meme. Reagan picked it up, too, when he claimed that, you know, trees pollute? Rush is yapping about Mount St. Helens polluting, and how because it's polluting right now, and that's all natural and such...

Oh, go read the link. SKB does such a good job, you don't need to listen to me.

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zelda1 said...

I don't want pollution not matter what kind because clean air is vital for me. I have asthma and when the air is foul, I don't breathe. That is why I moved from Bakersfield, Ca. because the air there on the up wind took in all the smog from the bigger cities as well as her own and I couldn't go out. Now, I don't live near volcanoes for the same reason. I live in a very small town and the air here is reasonably clean except for my neighbor who burns wood and he has a lung disease too so he has his wood burning unit outside and the smoke hurls through the air and blows over my house and infiltrates my lungs every time I step outside. He, like Rush, doesn't care what the air is like as long as it doesn't bother him. My point is that acid rain is horrible, the ozone is terrible, the wilting and dying wildlife is sad too, but on a personal note, clean air is necessary for all of us people who are breathing by the grace of medication and when the radical republicans who try to justify pollution by what nature does or doesn't do are not looking at the single tree. I am that tree and can't bear the blunt of all that noxious gas.
breathing but barely in this state that could care less if the paint from the big factories drains in the little streams that wind to the river, or that the chicken plants and turkey plants dump amonia saturated waste anywhere they see fit, or the processing plants that have big containers of blood they try to pass through the waste treatment centers not to mention the poor little chickens who are boiled alive to remove their feathers. I'll stop. This is after all bubbaville.