Saturday, December 18, 2004

Choose the Blue

Here's a site that tells you what companies donate to which party.

Just in case you're interested.

I was interested to find out that both Borders and Barnes & Noble give lots of money to the Democrats.

What is it about being literate that makes you liberal?

Or is that question too easy?


Anonymous said...

Because literate people have the ability to look outside and beyond "the box" fundies find safe and warm.

zelda1 said...

Because the majority of my family are fundies and democrates!? How that happened, I do not know, but it does, anyway, they are not dummies, well my one sister who was hit on the head when she was a little girl is a dummy, but they don't read. They read their Bible and don't know what it says, they read their Bible commentaries and take the word of the writer, they read the Christian literature that comes to them from the pulpit and they talk about how to be good wives and mothers, and how men are suppose to take the lead and pay the bills and provide a safe and happy home. When we all get together, they scold me for not being submissive and for me not jumping up and down during the meal to provide more food and drink to my husband, who by the way has better legs and a better back than I, so, he gets for me. The women including me cook, serve, and clean up while the men sit and talk and watch television and complain about how full they are. Now my theory is that the women don't read because the men want to keep them subservient so they work them to death so there is no time to read or they brainwash them from the pulpit. That, I think, is why the fundies do not read. They don't want change and if they read a view that was against how they thought, then they might have to consider it, their minds might have to open. Most of my sisters are democrats but they say republican things and they are all for women having their place. When I am around them, I tune them out and smile when they talk and count the minutes till I can leave. I wish they would read.