Thursday, January 01, 2015

Only The Good News: 2014

This has been a grim year for me, with my brother dying (that was the worst) and other bad news coming at me in all directions.  My retrospective, as I've browsed through 2014, has shown me that bad news outweighed the good at about three to one.

BUT: In my retrospective, I'ma give you Only The Good News Edition.

So here it is:

One Good Thing From Each Month.

January 2014:

Lose Your Phone?

February 2014:

Bookreview: Fangirl

March 2014:

Crossed Genres Makes The Big Time

April 2014:

Well, Now, Look at This

May 2014:

Arkansas Enters The Century of the Anchovy

June 2014:

Some Good News!

July 2014:

Hey, Guess What! 

August 2014

Why, Look Here

September 2014:  (Really hard to find good news in this month, y'all)

Rosh Hashashah

October 2014

New Story Up

November 2014 (Another tough month: I settle for amusing rather than good)

The Annual Winter Argument in the delagar Household

December 2014

Teaching Laura Ingalls Wilder as a Major Author

That's it, folks!  A few months, I could have listed more than one good thing -- but most months, not so much.  What a loser year.  Here's hoping 2015 will get its act together.

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Anonymous said...

I hope next year provides only good news!