Sunday, January 04, 2015

Crossed Genres: Indoctrinate

Issue # 25 of Crossed Genres is live.

This is the Indoctrinate issue, featuring wildly varying stories (as usual!).  As a side note, this is the very first ever issue of CG magazine to feature all male writers.

First up, a story from Julian Mortimer Smith, "Cabaret Obscuro," a dark tale about a dark cabaret and the aliens who inhabit it.

"Distant Gates of Eden Gleam," by Brian Trent, might be my favorite from this issue, for purely personal reasons.  No spoilers. Just go read.

And for Narnia fans, you're gonna love "The Lion God" by Benjamin Blattberg.  Even if you're not a Narnia fan, you'll love it.  I did.  Interview with Benjamin here.

By the way, we are open to submissions for new stories.  We pay professional rates, and are a SFWA qualifying market.  We are especially looking for stories from and about LGBTQ writers/characters, writers & characters of color, women writers/ characters, characters with disabilities, and characters and writers who aren't from North America.

 Details here.

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