Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Shameless Bragging Post, Y'all

So, no excuses here.  Just bragging.

My kid went back to public school, as y'all know.  This past October she took the PSAT.

Today we got a letter from the school, saying that due to her high scores on the PSAT, they're recommending we put her in all AP classes next year.

(I may not have mentioned she's making all A's.  Have I mentioned that?  Yeah, that's my kid.)


Anonymous said...


delagar said...

IKR? She's amazing.

She hates high school with a BURNING passion, but she's doing so well!

(She doesn't hate *everything.* She's making some friends, and she loves English class and Latin class, and learning things. But wow, the parts she hates, she really hates.)

Anonymous said...

We sympathize!

Bardiac said...

Yay Delagar Daughter!

And most important, because she always sounds like a good and thoughtful young woman.