Thursday, January 29, 2015

Here's Some Good News

Come Fall 2015, I'll be teaching, for our Popular Lit class, a class in Dystopian/Utopian literature which I proposed a few weeks ago.

Can I just say, Oh BOY?

Of course, I now have about two weeks to come up with the reading list.  (Book orders have to be in ridiculously soon, considering how far off Fall 2015 actually is.)

Luckily the other classes I'm teaching I have already taught, and I know the books I'll use for those; and that I already have some idea of the texts I want to use.



Bardiac said...

Start with Utopia! or Marie de Pisan! Go early and have fun!

delagar said...

I'm definitely going to use Utopia!

I was thinking of using bits of the Republic, but IDK.

Hadn't thought of de Pisan. Thanks!

Bardiac said...

Doh, it's Christine, not Marie. I was conflating Marie de France, I bet. sorry!

A said...

What about Jo Walton's new book on building The Republic? Presumably paired with the republic.

delagar said...

I'm almost certainly including that one, yes!

I'm thinking of one of Le Guin's too. Maybe Dispossessed? Maybe The Lathe of Heaven?