Sunday, January 04, 2015


How much do I want to see this movie?

All the muches. That's how much.

Sadly, the chances of it ever coming to this sad little town are slender.  Right now, our theaters are still showing that ridiculous movie about how heaven is real; another equally eye-rollingly bad movie about how some hard-drinking rock-music playin' guy finds Jesus through the sweet loyalty of his faithful woman; the racist one about Moses; and about sixteen movies where things blow up.

We do have the one tiny theater that shows decent movies -- our sole hope for foreign films, anything that has LGBT themes, and anything even slightly Leftist or intellectual.  Right now it's playing The Theory of Everything.  Maybe it will show Selma. One can hope.


D Shannon said...

Compared to my home city, Ft. Smith sounds like an improvement.

One would have to drive over an hour to see The Theory of Everything. We don't even have a theater that would show foreign or intellectual films.

The local art gallery consists of a single hallway at the local college, with the total number of items on exhibit hovering around 30 at any one time.

It is possible to take a bus to Pittsburgh and see a real art museum. However, Greyhound's schedule is such that the earliest bus to Pittsburgh arrives there around 6 p.m., and the latest bus from Pittsburgh leaves there around 10 a.m. If you can't drive, you might as well forget going there.

True story: last month, the local newspaper printed an op-ed reinterpreting A Christmas Carol, with Ferguson, Missouri cast in the role of Scrooge, and Martin Luther King, Jr., and Abraham Lincoln as two of the ghosts. The op-ed was written by a former high school English teacher.

This travesty is available at:

What a wonderful place to live.

delagar said...


That's appalling. And sounds very much like many towns around here! Fort Smith is one of the *better* places to live in Arkansas, believe it or not.

[If I had to rank Arkansas by places to live, with one being the worst and 5 being the best, it would go like this: (1) Everywhere else (2) Fort Smith (3) Little Rock (4) Bentonville (5) Fayetteville. But between (2) and (3) you have a seriously wide gap in quality of life; ditto for (1) and (2) -- I'm guessing you saw the recent story on our charming events in Harrison: ]

Up until four or five years ago, we didn't have our little theater either. It's new. We love it! Previous to that, if we wanted to see anything decent, we had to drive up to Fayetteville -- an hour up the mountain.

D Shannone said...

Is the scream about the community, or about the fact that the local paper paid someone to write the aforementioned column?

delagar said...

The column. Though to be fair our local paper will run equally horrific crap from time to time.

D Shannon said...

Is your newspaper content to print such "horrific crap" only in the letters to the editors, or do they go the extra mile and pay people to produce it?