Saturday, January 03, 2015

Life Skills

So I'm teaching my kid how to change the light bulb in the overhead light in her room and we're still in our pajamas.
Me: (taking off the cover) The important thing is not lose these little screws. Now if I weren't wearing girl pajamas, these would have pockets, and I could put the little screws in the pocket....
The Kid: Holy smoke (or words to THAT EFFECT). Why don't girl pajamas have pockets?
Me: Well, we're girls. We're not going to be DOING anything. We just lounge about and eat bon-bons.
The Kid: Holy smoke. (Or words to THAT EFFECT.)
Me: Here, hold these so I don't lose them.


Bardiac said...

The lack of pockets in women's clothing is insane!

No pockets means you MUST carry a purse (or have nothing), and that means your hand(s) is always occupied just holding it and keeping track of it.

And then you're expected to carry other people's stuff in your purse because you have it (kids and male partners, at least).

Can you tell I haven't carried a purse in like 25 years. I believe in pockets!

delagar said...

Ha, yes, with the purse! I only rarely carry one, and when I do I get handed everything to carry. Carry my wallet, sweetie! Carry my sun glasses! Can you put my keys in there?

I started wearing cargo shorts to escape THE PURSE, and now I get to put the keys and the wallet and the sunglasses of Dr. Skull in MY pockets. NO ESCAPE!!

Anonymous said...

Two points:
1) Guys get pockets even in their PAJAMAS?? Srsly?
2) You might appreciate this discussion of the gendered labor of purses vs. wallets:

delagar said...

Yes, truly! One of the main reasons I prefer to buy men's jeans (and shorts, and pajama bottoms) over women's is that they have such better pockets.

Check out the men's department sometimes, re pajamas. (1) They can *just* buy the bottoms, which is so cool and (2) check out the pockets on those things. Big and deep.

Also, they're almost always roomy and made of very tough material.

delagar said...

That *is* a good post, at that link.

Thanks for the share!