Friday, January 16, 2015

The Semester Takes Off

We've started the new semester -- Spring 2015, huzzah! -- and I am teaching a lovely schedule.

Oh, it's not perfect. (Nothing is perfect: it has lumps in it.)  But it's very nice.

I've got four preps -- that's one of the lumpy bits.  Another is that my classes start at 8:00.

On the other hand!  All my classes are on Tues-Thursday.  And!  I am teaching English Grammar, which, as long time readers of the blog might remember, is my very favorite class to teach.

Also: one section of Comp II, one section of Global Lit, and one of Fiction Workshop, all spaced nicely apart, so that I can teach at a leisurely pace, and all in my building -- the one my office is in, I mean -- so that I don't have to rush about the campus, and use foreign classrooms.

(This is more of a problem than you would think, since occasionally faculty in other buildings are grumpy about how we use their desks and whiteboards and tools. Why, once a faculty member in a building which shall remain nameless called his dean, who called my dean, who called me and gave me a tiny scolding for rearranging the desks and not getting them back in quite the proper order.  Alors!)

Anyway!  The first week has gone well.

And may I just add this: despite what you get told, every year now since I started teaching, the students get smarter, they are better educated, and they are much nicer besides.

Someone is doing something right.

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