Thursday, June 11, 2009

They're not Haters...

...they're just Pro-Life, Pro-American, Good Christian, down-home Folks.

And two weeks ago, one of them shot George Tiller, and yesterday one of them (a known anti-Semite who posted on the Freeper site, among others) shot up the Holocaust Museum and killed a guard, and over the past month, their organizations have been racheting up the violence against women's clinics, and more and more they (not the Left, for all they like to believe) have been controlling the main-stream media, as well as the public discourse, and their wailing about how they're persecuted endangers our safety, and this is not terrorism?

And we're supposed to give them a pass because they say they believe in something they call Jesus? This Jesus who favors hate, and war, and torture, and forced pregancy?

Maybe it's time to just say no.

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