Thursday, June 04, 2009

Free Speech, Is it?

Over at Obsidian Wings, Sebastian raises a slightly strawish point*
 on the Tiller killing, or rather the reaction to that killing.  He wonders whether we on the Left are reacting too sharply in condemning the fellow-travelers of the terrorist who shot Tiller down as being complicit in the terrorist act.  

Maybe it's not fair to hold those in Operation Rescue and other earnest Pro-Life fellows complicit in the terrorism that is practiced on Tiller and the others who operate clinics for women?  Just  because they screech and yell and picket and teach their congregations and their children and everyone they know that it's not a choice it's a child and that abortion is murder and that abortion = the holocaust, well, that doesn't mean they think people should do things like shoot doctors and nurses who perform abortions, does it?

It doesn't mean they want these guys to commit terrorist acts.

What?  You think screeching and yelling and flinging pictures of bloody fetuses and calling doctors and nurses baby killers is a terrorist act?  Because it's meant to terrorize?

Don't be silly!  That's just free speech!*

Go read the comments.  These points get made better than I'm making them.

*On purpose, I suspect

**For the record, I am all for free speech.  I will note in passing that one uses free speech in its proper function not to terrorize one's fellow citizens, but to persuade them, with the use of evidence and truth, that your way of thinking and living is the better one.  Force, whether physical or verbal, is never an acceptable argument, though it seems to be the only one these tools have.

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