Tuesday, June 16, 2009

But They're Not Racist!

More from our Right-Wing Not Racist Friends:

This is from a Comment over on Feministing, on that Michelle Obama/Gorilla story:

My FIL regularly spams my husband with inane rethuglican email forwards. About half of them are racist, and the other half are X-tian wet dreams about how God will eventually punish all those libruls and atheists. The rest are sexist jokes.... So the other day my husband is purging his inbox of another batch of his Dad's email forwards which uncharacteristically belong in the latter category, so he says "At least he didn't send anything horribly offensive this time". And then he opens the last one...

It contained something to the extent of "A little girl wrote to Sarah Palin and asked where humans came from. Palin wrote back saying that Gawd made Adam and Eve in his own image.

Then the little girl wrote to Michelle Obama and asked her the same question. Obama wrote back saying that there was a bunch of monkeys that eventually turned into humans. The little girl goes to her grandfather [I wonder why not her parents; they must have turned away from Jebus and embraced the evil librul ways] and asks to explain the discrepancy in the answers.

So Grandpa replies "Honey, Palin told her about her ancestors, and Obama told you about hers"" In closing, there was a picture of a chimp next to Michelle Obama's picture.

Even aside from the fact that any human with a single functioning braincell could not possibly be a creationist, and the fact that chimps are not monkeys, that email was something I would have thought only Klansmen would forward. And the sad thing is that my FIL is normally one of the nicest, most helpful people I've ever met (I guess only to white people, though). Just goes to show how ingrained and accepted racism is in our society: it's definitely not just the domain of kooky extremist Neo-Nazis.


zelda1 said...

You should see the shit my family sends me. I don't even read it or open it. And my family are good people too. They are just racists pigs.

delagar said...

Yeah, I've stopped opening certain emails too. The delete key is my friend!