Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ack -- That Talk Already?

So, the kid and I are making brownies so I can see if I remember the recipe right bf I post it on delagar cooks when somehow (heh) the subject of pot comes up.

The kid says, "But you never did drugs, did you?"

Me: .....

The kid: "Did you?  You didn't, did you?"

Me: ....

The kid: "Mo-o-o-om!"

Me: "It was when  I was a lot younger. And --"  I try to think of something else.

The kid: "What kind of drugs?"

Me: "Well, mainly marijuana. But--"

The kid: "Did you like it?"

Me: "Well, yes.  But--"

The kid: "Mom!"

Me: "But you probably wouldn't.  So..."

The kid: "How do you know?"

Me: "Well, you're more like your daddy than me.  And pot always made him paranoid, so--"

The kid: "Dad smoked drugs too?"

Me: "Um, well, see, the point here --"

The kid: "Did you do any other drugs?"

Me: "The point here--"

The Kid: "You did, didn't you?  What other drugs?  Which?"

Me: "The point--"

The kid:  (severely) "You're a terrible role model, Mom."

Me: (laughing helplessly by this point): "I knew there was a point here somewhere."


Julianna said...

Your mission is accomplished. You talked to your kid about drugs. And it went well. Good for you!

; )

zelda1 said...

Yeah, that reminds me of when my kids found out that I had sex more than twice. Imagine that. IN fact, a few weeks ago, my grandson says, Nana, you gonna have a baby. I said, not unless there are wise men in the east and a whole hell of a lot of sheperds and a freaking star son says, see, I told you they don't do it. My dauther in law laughs, and I say, do what? sex? I do sex? I just meant that the miracle would be cause I don't have a uterus. Yeah. Kids.