Thursday, June 11, 2009

How Can I Phrase This?

You gotta love Texas, b/c it makes Arkansas look good.

(Actually, that's what we used to say about Mississippi, back home in Louisiana.  But never mind!)

This utter fucking idiot in Texas has decided it's eeeeevil to say -- no, not Happy Holidays!  No, not Bless You instead of GOD bless you! No --

"Hello!"  It's Eeeeeevil to say Hello!

Why?  Don't be an idiot, you heathen.  It's evil b/c the word hello has HELL in it!

Do you want to say H-E-Double-Hockey-sticks every time you greet someone?  That's just fallin into SATAN's TRAP!

Jeesh.  Do I have to explain everything?

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