Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hotness of Heat


100 degrees and above all week here, and our AC (as always at this point in the year, we live in a slum, the AC fails in the hottest part of the summer, the heat fails as soon as true winter hits) is acting out.

I do not do well with hot.

Yeah, I know: poor me.

No problem that can be solved with money is actually a problem, even if it does feel like one while you're sweating through it.


zelda1 said...

Our air works, but I went for a little walk and thought I's gonna die. When is your air getting fixed?

delagar said...

It's working, it's just limping and boggy. The charming landlords are sending someone soon. They swear.

Anonymous said...

Landlords suck. Okay, that's not entirely true (I had a good one once), but they never seem to move fast enough.

Our air is working I just can't afford to run it low enough to be constantly cool. At present it's set at 76 and I'm sweating even though I've never set foot outside. Meh.

Anonymous said...

Had the same problem with my AC. Had a guy come look at it, and all he had to do was clean a certain part on the outdoor unit. works like a dream. He said it needs to be cleaned once a year and showed me how to do it, so I won't be charged $60 next year. Could be that your unit may need cleaning, too.

delagar said...

Our problem is the drain tube thing. It runs through the building (AC got added to the slummy house about thirty years after the house got built) and around another pipe. What tool designed this? Wouldn't I like to know.

Anyway, every summer, mold grows inside this tube/pipe/whatever, stops it up. The water can't drain out of the AC. The AC doesn't exactly stop working, it just works off and on (not when the pipe is full; the pipe fills up, see, backs up, dumps water into the crawl space, off my living room, which then overflows INTO my living room, and onto my sad, sad carpet...that's another story...once the pipe is empty, the AC starts working again...sigh).

Why not fix this? Jeez Louise. It would mean ripping out the wall and moving the unit over to where the dryer is now and raising the drain up to where it should have know, doing the job right...and it's not like anyone important lives in the house.