Monday, June 15, 2009

But That's Not Racist

Here we see a GOP loon equate a gorilla to Michelle Obama -- and then try to claim he's not the racist one, that Michelle Obama is racist (or, I guess, all Leftists are racist?) since, this Right-Wing Toolbox claims she said she was descended from apes -- by which, I guess, he thinks Obama supports science eduction/evolutionary theory.

That doesn't make her racist, anymore than it makes her or any of us descended from apes (as anyone who isn't an ignorant GOP toolbox knows, evolutionary theory shows we share a common ancestor with other primates, which does not mean "descended from apes").  It makes this GOP loon an idiot, and a racist one.

(Also, just while we're here? How in shit could a modern ape be an ancestor to anyone?  He's a whole crate of toolboxes, this fella.)

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zelda1 said...

What a real asshat. I cannot believe that they are so disrespectful to the first lady. In all of Bush's reign, I don't think anyone called his wife anything. Most of us felt extreme sorrow for her because she had to sleep in the same house as a war criminal and she chose an idiot for a husband.