Thursday, June 04, 2009


Read this.

That's the man Bill O'Reilly kept calling "Tiller the Killer," those are the women the Far-Right keeps claiming have abortions on a whim, those are the ones McCain mocked during his campaign (Oh, quote-quote health reasons, sure) -- this is what the so-called Pro-Life movement has done: murdered this man, made it harder for these women to find the medical help they have got to have.

These are very bad people.


zelda1 said...

What is cruel is to force a woman to deliver a baby that either has part of a brain missing or the entire brain save the brain stem. The mothers usually cannot deliver the babies vaginally and end up either have a c-section or the doctor has to vent the head of the baby so some of the fluid will leak out, making vaginal delivery almost normal. Then, these babies usually live a day or two and can only make crying sounds. They usually have a strong heart beat and respierations for a day to so, then they begin to slowly die of starvation, unless a heroic doctor insists upon ivs or a ngtube. Then, the baby might live a day or so longer. Meanwhile, the mother cries and cries and the daddy usually feels like he could have prevented it because men are trained to think they can fix things. And don't get me started on young or old gals who have been raped. Please. That man was a hero and now is dead.

Julianna said...

As a Kansas resident, I feel such sorrow for the loss of Dr. Tiller. He was a wonderful, courageous man. He knew it would end this way, but he did everything he could do to help women in dire need no matter what the cost to himself. He was attacked and threatened on every front. And now he's gone. His murderer merely took the beliefs of "pro-lifers" and carried them to their natural extreme. Fred Phelps and his crew took advantage of the media opportunity to spout their filth, and Kansas gets another big black eye. Kansas has it coming. -L