Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Remember Palin?

She's talking again, and making less sense than usual.

It's really sort of sad, watching what's left of the Republican party these days. They're like some broken machine that can't shut itself off, spinning and spinning and tearing itself apart:

Socialism! (Whirrr!) Reverse Racism! (Crunk!) Obamination! 
(drrrrrrVABANG!) Abortion Abortion Abortion 
WomenAreEeeeeeeeeevil! (WHACK!)Terrorism! 
(dugagugaguga) Rush is King! (chink)


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to teach that woman the art of silence. Better yet, maybe someone just needs to give her an education period.

zelda1 said...

someone needs to explain to her how to reference other folk's work. And, to shut up. And, to keep her toe art under her shoes.