Saturday, May 16, 2009

War Criminals

If you haven't seen this Rachel Maddow Segment (it's been linked everywhere), you need to.

She lays out, in clear detail, timelines and evidence showing that the Bush administration did not only torture a few bad people a few times; and that they did not simply use torture to prevent attacks in "ticking bomb" situations.  In fact, they were using torture to try to save their political careers; and Cheney is the engine that powered these criminal acts.

She ends with an interview with Jane Mayer.  It's powerful stuff.

And another reason why everyone should be watching Rachel every night, as rough as it sometimes gets.


dorki said...

Rachel is a real winner. Astonishingly smart, great broadcast delivery, very well selected guests and, NOT SNARKY.

Yes, truth HURTS, if you are guilty.

The old adage "the bitten dog yelps" is true of so many in the Lunatic Fringe (now calling itself the Republican Party).

tonks said...

I LOVE Rachel Maddow and think it should be required viewing for the Left and Right alike. She doesn't pull any punches and I greatly appreciate that.