Monday, May 25, 2009

Really, Really Tough

I was really, really trying hard not to get political about Memorial Day.

I've got members of my family who served; I've got students who were in the first Bush's stupid war, and ones who have fought and have returned from W's idiot war; I have students who have been called up; I have students who are hoping against hope that Obama can end it before they get deployed.

So my approach is to say yes, this war sucks; Bushco fucked up; the troops still do their job. Honor that.

I planned to leave it at there, this day.

Only: ONLY.

Here at RedState, Whackawits had to -- they had to!

They're published the number killed in battle (because that's more worthy of being honored, see, than a solider who signs up to fight and his troop ship is swamped with influenza and he dies) -- screw you, soldier!  No honor for you!  Or the soldier killed in a crash getting to the battlefield.  Fuck you, soldier!  Loser!

Which, okay, let that go.

It's the count in the Indian Wars that gets me.  1000 deaths in battle.

Now what now?

Lest you think they're only counting, you know, Real Americans, don't miss how the count under the Civil War.  Treasonous Motherfucking Racists count; but Native American soldiers, defending their homes and families?  Fuck y'all!  You ain't Americans!

God, the Right.  They wear me out.

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