Monday, May 04, 2009

Wait, Wait

Or: yeah, those tools.

Over here, Amanda at Three Rivers Fog and Holly at Feministe discuss the the ten top techniques used to avoid dealing with racism.

Stop me if you've heard this one before, I always say.

See also this and this.

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zelda1 said...

My siblings and their families are the racists people in the world. They don't apologize for it and say the N word as if it is a color from the crayon box. While I keep my grandchildren away from them and when we are around them, I explain to my grands that they are racists pigs and we don't talk like that, I still appreciate that they are racists, know they are racists, and make no excuses. What I hate more than down right racists like my siblings are those people who are racists but act like they aint. It's kind of like my great aunt daisy who would talk about people and then add bless her heart to make it better. So, these covert racists are still racists, they are still dangerous, but they make excuses why they think it is okay to vote against certain presidents, or use certain words, or avoid certain stores, ect, ect...