Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Those Women!

The NYTimes published many annoying bits today, including one I nearly blogged about, a crap front page piece above the fold in which they let the Credit Card companies make entirely unveiled threats about creating new interest rates on those who are paying off their entire balances each month if Congress dares to pass any legislation limiting their right to rape consumers just as much as they like -- and there was David Brooks' usual idiocy, of course.  Gack.

Oh my, the Times notes: the CDC says those wommins are having babies and they aren't locked into wedlock and some of those wommins are BROWN wommins!  Ooo civilization is failin! What's we gonna do?

Some observations: Poorer states have higher rates of unwed motherhood.  The rate did increase recently -- but we're talking, if you look at the actual numbers, at not that large an increase.  And someone might look at the economy, dude.  People might not be marrying for what looks to them like good reasons. (I know, I know, imagine that, wommins acting rationally?  How could that be?)  

(Update: The increase is less than half a million babies; by contrast, you might look at this link, which shows we have 16 million Southern Baptists in the country, not to mention nearly five million Evangelicals.  Now just who do you think is doing more damage?)

The CDC notes, also, that lots of these women are cohabiting with the guys, they just aren't marrying them.  Well, dude, not everyone wants to marry.  What is that to you?  Have a look at the people who do marry -- yeah, not all of them.  I'm married myself and I kind of like it.  But I don't insist everyone like it. And I'l admit the attitudes of the Family Values people kinda put me off occasionally.

Also, importantly, teen pregnancy has dropped, and is at its lowest rate since 1970.  That's good news.  So why's the Times not fucking well leading with that?  Instead of OOOO the (brown) wommins are destroying our country?

That's my question for you.

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sugaredharpy said...

I've been married twice, I'm basically the poster girl for Family Values!