Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More on Maddow & Torture

Here's another link to a segment last night on Rachel Maddow, with Col. Wilkerson, the fella who has been investigating torture over the past years.  He's put together an impressive case (which the Right, predictably, dismisses as "fantasy," since, after all, facts or the use of evidence to create an argument have never interested them) that he explains succinctly in this segment, showing that Cheney and his crew tortured prisoners into giving the answers they wanted, to justify the war they were determined to have.

It's a vile story of a vile regime, and no post hoc claims of how they have kept America safe (which they did not -- they've very nearly destroyed this nation, in case no one has looked around lately) can change that truth.

Further, even if they had, which they did not, if you destroy what America is in some attempt to protect it -- which I deny utterly is what any of these men were doing -- what have you gained?

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