Sunday, May 17, 2009

Race Fail

I don't know how much those who are outside the SF 'Sphere have heard about the Race Fail storm of a few months back, but it got fairly ugly, as we say here in the South, with the White Guys and their Allies coming down hard on the PoC, essentially saying, in the end, that the PoC were making a lot of noise over nothing much (as usual), because what racism? (Like what patriarchy?) and should shut up when the big important white guys (and their wives, the honorary white guys) were talking.

A few bloggers, notably John Scalzi, backed off this position later on, but many continued to assert that those raising the objection were just being touchy, or overreacting, or playing the race card: typical behavior, they said.  (See here for further.)

Via Angry Black Woman, I hear a protest is planned for tomorrow.  PoC and white folk who want to write in support.

Update: A blog with MORE on RaceFail!

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