Saturday, May 02, 2009

Hard Times

In the mail today I got

  • a chain letter from some woman in Montana, urging me not to break the chain: mail two dollars to each of these addresses, she said (ten addresses listed below) and add my address to the bottom, and we'd all make some gignormous amount of money some gignormous time in the future
  • an advertisement from a lawyer, advising me that if I had been in a wreck or had been injured at work I could probably sue for big bucks
  • An offer from a company in South Dakota, offering me a pre-approved loan, from five hundred to fifteen hundred dollars, at -- get this -- 96% interest.  WTMFF.  36 months to pay back a thousand dollars, at 96% interest.  And this shit is legal?
  • Two separate threatening notices from two different medical clinics -- one of whom I owe $236 dollars to, one of whom I owe just under $800 dollars to, both threatening to turn me over to collections.  Again, WTF?  I note, for those who are interested, that I have been paying both of these institutions at a steady rate of $50/month, and that both were paid 80% of their fees by my insurance company.  (This is what's left on the bill for my shoulder surgery, done in December -- one is the anesthesia bill, the other is the surgeon's bill.)  Did I consider taking the $1000 dollars from the loan shark in SD, paying off my medical bills, and defaulting on the loan shark?  Ooo, did I ever.  What's the SD loan shark going to do?  Come break my legs?  Threaten to ruin my already ruined credit? But no, I will not do that.  That would be unethical.  (Unlike loaning money to desperate people at 96% interest, which, as we know, is entirely fucking ethical.)
My country: ready for a socialist revolution?  You make the call.

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