Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ow! Ow!

So we're driving down the street and from the back seat comes this horrendously loud SMACK! and my kid yells, "Ow!" and then, "Box car!"

The thing is, she's all by herself in the backseat.  Who is hitting her, you wonder?

Yeah, herself.

When she's with her BFF, it's worse -- then they hit each other.  

"Box car!" (Smack! Whack!) (You hit yourself in the head when you see one of those box-shaped cars -- why?  Jesus M. Julliard, don't I wish I knew.)

"Jeep!" (Free-for-all! Everyone smacks everyone!)

"Slug-bug! No hits back!" (Whoever sees a VW and didn't yell it gets hit.  And if you leave off the second bit, all bets are off.)

"Pickup Poke!" (But this one has been cancelled lately, because we have too many pickups in Fort Smith.)

What about vans and Hummers, you wonder?  I wondered, because of course I must INQUIRE about anthropological habits of the natives.  Nope, no rules for these yet.

Coming soon, though, I am sure.

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