Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hack Gack

The end of the semester crash seems to have combined with what I hope is only a cold (the swine flu is supposed to have missed us, right?) to lay me low.  I am huddled under quilts while thunderstorms rage overhead, wishing I had the energy to check the blogs, or even read.  I'm in the middle of two excellent books right now, also: Dennis Lehane's The Given Day and Tony Kushner'sAngels in America, which I know it's like what 20 years old but I never did read that one.  Anyway, both are great and if you haven't read them and don't have a fever of 102 go for it.

Update: Just checked at the CDC and there are no confirmed cases of H1N1 flu in AR.  But man, do I feel awful.  Trying to decide whether to seek medical help.  All the $$ I already owe to medical guys around town is making me think I should just stay in bed and drink more Nyquil.

Yeah, Nyquil.

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