Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's just LIKE being on the Swim Team...

Waterboarding, say the Torture Apologists on the Right, is just like joining the swim team.  Or watching a speech in the rain, or bobbing for apples, or sixteen other things.

Over on No More Mr. Nice Blog he's linked the famous Hitchens' clip again, the one where Christopher Hitchens agrees to be waterboarded, to find out if it's actually torture.

Go watch that puppy and talk to me about how it's just like playing in your daddy's hose in the backyard and so how is that torture, exactly?  


Anonymous said...

I'd toss in a few bucks to Olbermann's pledge too. I imagine a lot of people would put up a bit of cash to force Hitchens to cave on his BS offer to be tortured for kicks. --L

zelda1 said...

Here's the thing. That was a demonstrationw here no one was yelling at you in a strange language, where you had a safe word and a safe action, and, he knew that these people who were doing the demonstration did not hate him or want to see him harmed. I would make up shit. I would turn in my neighbor and say what ever the torturers wanted to hear. Yep, I would.