Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prizes For the Excellent

I recommended this book way back I forget when -- I could look it up if I weren't so exhausted -- but now it's won the Pulitzer Prize, as it very well ought to have.

Make certain you aren't deeply depressed when you start reading it though.  It took me about a month to read it: I had to keep coming up for air, as it were.  Or I would punch mr. delagar, who was happily reading David Gresham novels beside me, and read bits to him: Can you believe this? I would demand.  Can you believe we did this to people in this country in 1911?  In 1920? Listen to this!

The Nazis did it to the Jews, too, he would say.

That's my point, I would wail.  The Nazis did it to the Jews, and everyone knows it!  We did it here, in Alabama, in Mississippi, all these people got rich off the blood of these men, and no one has a clue!

Read it if you can stand it.  It's a brilliant book, but horrifying.

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