Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yay Bush!

Thanks to his destruction of the economy our income tanked this year, so that when it came time to pay our taxes we, for the first time since I became a real professor, did not have to pay hundreds of extra dollars in state and federal taxes.

In fact, we're getting a very tiny refund.  Huzzah!

Next year, even better!  Even if things get better! (We can hope, anyway.)  Since Obama is fixing the tax code for us -- here Scott at LG&M says most of what I've been thinking about the Wingnuts who are organizing their Teabag rallies claiming they're being oppressed by Obama's new tax plan, and that taxing the wealthy is Socialism, eek!

My favorite point is the one I shout at mr. delagar every time I see some tool with a no-taxation-without-representation  bumpersticker on the back of his pickup, here in Pork Smith: "You've GOT representation, you shitting TOOL!" I yell at them.  "WTF do you think your Congress IS?" 

"All right, calm down," mr. delagar says.

"Ain't MY fucking fault their side lost."

"Will you just drive the car?"

"Ain't hear their asses whining when that idiot Bush was spending us into disaster two years ago, is it?"

"Why are you yelling at me?"

"Well, fine, I'll pull him the fuck over and yell at him, will you like that better?"

"Can we just get to the bookstore?  Please?"

"Stupid ignorant backwards tool," I mutter.

"Rabbi Hillel says to love your neighbors," the kid says from the backseat.

"I would if they weren't such tools."

"Patriarchy-oppressed swearwords," she says.  "You owe me three dollars."


web said...

I feel that way every time I watch CNN (which is ALWAYS on when I'm at the gym, so hard to avoid.) The commercials are even worse. The conservatives complain Obama is "still compaigning," -- they're still campaigning! How lovely that it seems to be backfiring on them, so far.

zelda1 said...

I feel your pain. However, the good news is that it's them and not us in the sore loser category. Yeah, Obama is in and Bush is out, Obama is in and Mccain is not. Yeah.

Bardiac said...

I believe it is, at least in some small measure, your fault their side lost. You, along with a majority of other Americans, are at fault. Or to be thanked. :)

delagar said...

Yeah, I thought of that afterwards -- not only did I vote, I donated money to Obama and actively campaigned. So, well. Guilty!

Anonymous said...

I yell at assholes with stupid bumper stickers too. This post makes me feel better about that habit. P.S.- Funniest post I've read all damn day. Love it!