Thursday, April 23, 2009

War on What Now?

Twisty, over at I Blame the Patriarchy, comes out against the War on Drugs.

Yay, Twisty!

She points out what will not be a surprise to any of us -- that it is not actually a War on Drugs (no drugs are being harmed in this War -- more drugs are available than evah!) -- but a war on the poor and the brown.

That's how the Rich White Guys want it, so no shock the War on Drugs hasn't gone away yet, and shows no sign of being stopped.  How many in prison now?  2.2 million?  How much money is that costing, which we aren't spending on building schools, roads, alternative energy systems, universal health care, name your alternative choice?

Legalize drugs.  Start a War on Rape instead, if you gotta have a War.  I'm with Twisty!


Casey said...

Hey, there! I came over from Twisty's to tell you what I found out about Alka-Seltzer--apparently it gooses the absorption rate of some drugs:

Who knew? Besides the Arkansas legislature, of course.

delagar said...

Well, that's cool. So I can get higher if I snort some Alka-S first? Rockin!

delagar said...

Not that I would EVER do that!

Casey said...

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz!