Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well, now, as all y'all all know, I am all for the 2nd Amendment.

But these people are looney enough when they're just waving signs.  

Now they're going to take all those guns they've been buying, plus their (racist) conviction that Obama-the-Socialist is destroying America to Washington, D.C.?  In July?

I've been trying really, really, really hard not to say the Right-Wing is stupid lately: I've been trying to critique their ideas, and their arguments.  I haven't been calling them morans, or fuckwits, or delusional whackjobs.

But what fuckwitted delusional whackjob -- seriously -- thinks this is a good idea?

Of course, maybe it's a joke?  Maybe it's not serious?

That's what I thought about the tea-bagging parties at first though (Protesting what, now?) and they turned out to be for reals...

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