Thursday, April 16, 2009

The War Criminals Who Ran Our Country

As amusing as the Tea-Baggers are, don't lose sight of the facts.

While they're out in their lawn chairs ranting because the evil Maobama is giving tax cuts to the middle class and raising taxes 3% on the wealthy (and this is somehow socialism/the Apocalypse/the Rebirth of Hitler's Reign), more and more of what their party did while they were telling the rest of us to shut up, because if we objected to one thing Bush did we (a) hated Freedom and (b) suffered from Bush Derangement syndrome, is leaking out.

Here: go look at this.

Tell me if you can read it without hating America just a tiny bit.

They're upset about fucking taxes?  Fuck them.

Oh?  And by the way?  Fuck them.

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