Monday, April 20, 2009

They Ain't Racist!

And besides, feminists are ugly.

That's what's getting said on the Winger Blogs over those specious charges that the Teabag -- oh, excuse me -- the tea-parties -- are an entirely white folks, and an oddly motived event.

What, we wonder, are these whacks protesting? I mean, the bail-outs? Bushco passed those. And the debt? Bushco. And the fucked economy? Your team. So....what's Obama done, again, precisely, that you don't like?

Stimulus package? Most of that was Bush. Ooo, he passed ANOTHER?

Oooo, you mean you just think HE should stop spending money we don't have? On things you don't like? But you were fine with Bush spending money we didn't have?

Or is it PWB you don't like?

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