Friday, April 17, 2009

Who Knew?

Ellen Degeneres hates America!

Details here.

(Via Pandagon)


zelda1 said...

I think some people, especially some men, think that going against hegemony is anti-American. If you are gay, for instance, you are not American because how could you be American if you, in their eyes, are not even god fearing? She supported Hillary, then Obama, which was a big hegemony slap. I mean, why support first a woman, then a black man? OMG, that is so not natural. For some reason, religious and sexual hegemonist think that those who are not like them are against them and being against them amounts to anti. They see diversity as anti or against. I want to scream to my wingnut students, embrace the differences and you will see that there is less energy hating and life becomes less fearful and less complicated when you just say, oh, okay, I might like to eat green M&Ms but you like red, it's okay.

delagar said...

I was thinking it was some equation like this: She's gay. Gay = Liberal. Liberal = hating America.

(Not ACTUALLY, of course. I mean in the RW WV.)

Yeah, I'm with you. They like muddin and going to those Bible camps, I like reading SF and wading around mountain streams looking at rocks, you know, there's room enough in the world for all of us, as far as I can see. I won't stop them from going to church. Why should they care if I drink a little rum and study some Chomsky?