Friday, April 10, 2009

We had a tiny seder this year, being as we're broke -- just us and Uncle Charger.  However, interestingly, despite how poor everyone is, it was an oddly merry Seder.  We tried to feel afflicted, but it was difficult.  As Charger pointed out, how can we?

"I know," I cried, from where I was putting the roast potatoes in the oven.  "God, I keep thinking that -- President Obama!"

"Did you see the troops cheering him?" Charger called from the living room.

"It's so -- it's been so horrible, so long." I laughed.  "And now Vermont!"

"And Iowa!" he agreed.

So when it came to the bit of the Seder where we were supposed to consider those around the world who are still in captivity, to mourn for our afflicted fellows, well, we did our best.  But we were far too festive for people who had been slaves in Egypt, I'm afraid.

Next year in Jerusalem.

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Anonymous said...

Chag sameach, delagar and family. There is so much to celebrate, despite hard times. Sometimes it's even because of the hard times. Good things that didn't stand a chance before are coming out and showing themselves. People make the seder anyway, not the money spent on it, as you have demonstrated here. --Livia (aka "L")