Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Dealing with Modern Conservatives

 This is the clearest example I've seen lately of the problem we're having dealing with modern-day/MAGA conservatives.

They honestly believe that if they *believe* a thing is true, then it is true. Here, we have Alex Jones repeatedly lying under oath, and using as his excuse that he "believed" what he was saying. He said he never sent texts about Sandy Hook to anyone; when confronted with the evidence that he sent multiple such text, he says he "believed" he hadn't done it. He said he was bankrupt. Confronted with evidence that he was not -- well, you get it.

I've seen this same pattern all over the web. Rod Dreher "believes" that people are grooming children into become trans. He "believes" that people are performing gender-reassignment surgery on toddlers. He "believes" that demons infest women who talk back to their husbands. If he believes it's true, why then he's telling the truth! That's how truth works, isn't it?

MAGA Americans "believe" that trans people are evil or delusional. They "believe" that liberals have a nefarious plot to keep farmers from planting crops. They "believe" that the election was stolen in 2020. They "believe" that a zygote has a human soul. They "believe" that birth control is abortion, and that the COVID vaccine was made from aborted fetuses, that getting the vaccine causes women to miscarry their children 100% of the time, that COVID is just a bad cold and that the request by the government to wear masks was enforced by law and actually intended to -- I don't know, I can't follow their argument on this one, but somehow it's supposed to rob us of are freedums? Also child abuse because kids can't learn languages or emotional responses if everyone is wearing a mask. I mean, that's not true, but they "believe" it is so

Of course, they don't actually believe any of these things, anymore than Alex Jones believed he never sent text messages to anyone about Sandy Hook. That's not the point. If they SAY they believe them, then we have to accept that they DO believe them, and since what they "believe" is sacrosanct, we have to pretend their "belief" is reality or we're oppressing them.

How are we supposed to share a country with minds this twisted and corrupt?



nicoleandmaggie said...

One of the people who answers the phone for one of my senators a few years back told me that if enough people believe that something is true it becomes true.

If enough people say a table is a chair, he said, it becomes a chair.

delagar said...

They brandish Orwell like a pistol, though it's clear they've never read 1984, much less anything else he ever wrote. 2+2=5 if they "believe" it does.

Have you seen the rubbish they're talking about the vote for abortion rights in Kansas?