Friday, August 05, 2022

Bigotry Playbook

In Michigan, bigots have voted to shut down their library rather than allow certain books to stay on the shelf. 

In the college town up the hill, the public library has had to cancel an event aimed at providing LGBT students with information and resources, due to threats of violence from certain members of the community.

In 1960, in my current town, our citizens shut down the public swimming pools rather than allow black children to swim in them. Shut them down and filled them in. The same thing happened elsewhere.

State-wide, citizens shut down public schools for two years to avoid allowing black children to sit in a classroom with white children. (This did not harm the children of the wealthy, who were simply enrolled in private schools.) The same thing happened in other places. 

And in 1960 in Virginia, public libraries were shut down to avoid allowing black people to use them. This happened in other places as well.

As I said earlier, bigots just recycle the same playbook. Don't believe them when they claim this is about "protecting children." It's about bigotry and hate, and it always has been.


D Shannon said...

According to the Encyclopedia of Arkansas,

"Though no academic work was conducted in public high schools in 1958–59, high school football games continued for the season by order of the governor."

Have Arkansas' educational priorities changed much since then?

delagar said...

Oh my God, I did not know that. But yes, that is absolutely on-brand for Arkansas.