Wednesday, April 01, 2020

The Academy in the Pandemic

We've moved as a university to pass/fail for student classes.

Sort of, anyway -- we give the students grades and then the students get to decide whether to keep these grades, changed them to P/F, or withdraw from the class entirely.

I kind of like this, and think maybe we should do it always, not just during the pandemic.

What do y'all think?


Jenny F. Scientist said...

We have done the same; unfortunately, unless the grad/professional world agrees to it, it can't go on, because a lot of science grad programs and REALLY a lot of med schools won't accept pass fail courses to fulfill admissions requirements.

delagar said...

That's true. And too bad.

I like how students have the option to discard a course if they didn't do well -- that could encourage students to retake classes until they have mastered the information.

Bardiac said...

I think this is an incredibly sane idea!