Saturday, April 18, 2020

Another Beautiful Day in the Fort

I'm still having intermittent symptoms -- stabbing pains in my lower gut, mostly, along with queasiness and no appetite at all.

But no fever, no coughing, and no more body aches. So I'm going to call this one as "Not the rona."

Meanwhile it is another beautiful day here in the Fort. Maybe we can have a walk on the riverside trail this evening, if the kid ever wakes up. (He has taken to sleeping until mid-afternoon, unless he has a class, and why not?)

The little cat has taken to sleeping in the dog's cage (the crate we lock him in when we leave him alone in the house). The dog is bemused by this.

I am up to the L's in my quest to put all the books in the house in alphabetical order. Except the cook books. And Dr. Skull's music books. And the anthologies. Also I'm probably going to put the history books in a different section.

We have too many books. (Whenever I say this, Dr. Skull pretends confusion. "What's that? What language are you speaking? I don't understand!")

Not only have we not gotten our stimulus money, we have yet to receive the first of Dr. Skull's unemployment checks. Things are getting mighty tight here at the delagar household.

From the Nib:


Jenny F. Scientist said...

I have NO idea what you had (though i hope you feel better!) But my parents both just had it and my dad got the whole kit and caboodle complete with fever, cough, and losing sense of smell, and my mom was nauseous for 4 days so WHO KNOWS.

Jenny F. Scientist said...

(Only nauseous, that is, no other symptoms)

delagar said...

I definitely had nausea, but none of the other symptoms people are reporting.