Friday, April 10, 2020

Spring in the Fort

Spring is emerging, despite the pandemic. Our yard at the new house is filled with violets, not to mention some sort of flower that is kind of like an iris? Purple and very pretty.

Hold on, let me google that.

Spiderwort, Purple Flower, Weed
It's spiderwort, according to this site, and an invasive species. Well, still very pretty. I have daffodils, but they did not bloom.

The tree I have not identified in my yard -- it has a small round dark red/brown fruit with a hard pit -- was briefly covered with tiny white flowers. Now it is leafing out in brilliant new green. All the other trees are likewise sprouting new leaves. The colors are all very Easter-appropriate.

Meanwhile I am feeling much better after my root canal. I can even eat again!

The town is dead quiet. We had to take a flat tire in to get mended, and we were the only one at the tire shop. A local shop, Darrell's. Plenty of automotive repair guys were around, so I'm guessing the boss is keeping them employed; but the lot and the bays were empty.

We had to get the tire fixed because I ran over an abutment coming back from my root canal yesterday. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have been driving.

Everyone here is still well. How's everyone on your end?



nicoleandmaggie said...

Could it be a persimmon?

Our pecan has pollen strands out, I'm hopeful!

DC2 is currently zooming with hir 3 closest friends (technically two closest friends and one frenemy).

delagar said...

We've got a persimmon tree out front, so I don't THINK this is one -- I mean the fruit and flowers look very different.

I see there's a thing called a Japanese persimmon, though. Maybe?

Jenny F. Scientist said...

Japanese persimmons have larger, soft fruit... could it be hawthorn? Also called mayhaw. Though it's a bit early for them to bloom, but it's been a warm spring!

delagar said...

Maybe! The flowers and the fruit look right, but the leaves I'm seeing (via Google Images) are different.

Jenny F. Scientist said...

Hmmmm! The leaves are pretty distinctive so probably not. Maybe you can post a picture sometime!