Thursday, April 09, 2020

Dental Emergency

So I've got an abscessed tooth, probably (diagnosed over the phone). All the dentists and endodontists are closed for the virus.

But my dentist gave me her cell phone number, and the endodontist is opening up especially for my emergency.

I won't even tell you what this is going to cost. :(


delagar said...

It was indeed an abscess. Fixed now (let's hope -- I'm still numb).

Also it cost a little less than they expected. (Like $150 less.) So that's good.

Athena Andreadis said...

Having had more than my share of serious dental issues, I can fully sympathize and empathize. I also wonder how many additional people will have health complications due to lack of access even to the puny care in this nation (on top of justified fear of infection in now-overburdened hospitals.

delagar said...

I know I just put up with the tooth pain until it became unbearable, because the dentist was only open for emergencies.

I can't be the only one not seeking care because care isn't readily available. :(

Anonymous said...


So i used to watch the walking dead and I remember thinking then that having a dental issue would be the death of me for sure in such a situation.
And now with this Pandemic love....i find that I have a minor dental issue that under normal circumstances could wait until I could be seen....blah and blah. But, same! No dentists are open right now and I am basically a lifer poor. God, did I predict this?

100% sympathy here....and glad you got some attention paid to it.
God, this pandemic seriously needs to fucking go. And America needs to wake the F up as we move forward.
Anon in mass

Jenny F. Scientist said...


Bardiac said...

/comfort I'm glad you got it fixed, though, because something like that can become even more serious.

delagar said...